F1 – Chinese GP – Qualifying

After two sessions that couldn’t be completed due the track conditions, today the teams could make a normal FP3 and now it’s time for the qualifying session. Ferrari is the favorite for the pole position, but this is F1 and everything can happen.


First session of qualifying and all the drivers are heading to the track to make their session. Giovinazzi was again racing with Sauber after Pascal had to leave for back pain again. Grosjean made a mistake and spun when he was going to cross the finish line, losing all the time and causing a puncture on his Haas. Verstappen was having problems and went to boxes to change his tyres, but he has to stop for the weight test of FIA, so he lost some time before his last run. Ferrari were the only team who made their lap with soft tyres, and Vettel made the fastest lap of the sessio, just at the end of the sesson Giovinazzi crashed at the finish line and the session finished with Vandoorne, Verstappen, Ocon, Palmer and Grosjean at the knockout zone.

Now it’s time for getting serious with the Q2. With the same tyre compound for everybody, the question will be who will be at the knockout zone after the session. Vettel again made the best time, but this time Hamilton was really close to him with only 0.015 of difference between him and the german driver. Chequered flag and Kimi Raikkonen was the fastest driver of the session and at the knockout zone we had Sainz, Magnussen, Alonso, Ericsson and Giovinazzi.

Final round, the fastest 10 drivers are going to make their best lap to get the pole position. Mercedes or Ferrari? The answer in a few minutes. Lewis Hamilton made the fastest lap on his first attemp and Sebastian Vettel was really close to him. The battle between Ferrari and Mercedes was really hot and funny to see. Chequered flag and Lewis Hamilton could improve his time, something that Sebastian Vettel made, but it was only enough to beat Valtteri Bottas for just 0.001.

Pole position for Lewis Hamilton  with Sebastian Vettel as his partner on the first line. The top 10 will be completed with Bottas, Raikkonen, Ricciardo, Massa, Hulkenberg, Perez, Kvyat and Stroll

That’s it for now, in some hours it will be time for the other qualifying of the day with the MotoGP Argentina GP qualifying. Stay tuned for more updates.