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F1 – Singapore GP – Race

Hai, MiniFans! The day kicked off with a torrential downpour and the race needed to be delayed in order to make sure it’d be safe to race. However, it was determined that it would kick off an hour later than predicted and complaints rose about the FIA and Race Direction management of the event, due to drivers leaving the pitlane

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F1 – Italian GP – Race

Ciao, MiniFans! The sun welcomed the drivers onto the grid, which had needed many hours to be finally confirmed by the organization due to the sheer number of penalties that had been applied to drivers, mostly due to engine changes. Red and yellow covered the grandstands in Monza, ready for what could be the first Ferrari win at home since

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F1 – Dutch GP – Race

Hallo, MiniFans! After yesterday’s extremely close qualifying session, in which Verstappen came out on top once again, even if just barely, today’s race might as well be the last nail in Ferrari’s coffin for their championship hopes, if they, once again, lose out to Verstappen and Red Bull, who seem to be on a roll and will not go down

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F1 – Dutch GP – Qualifying

Hallo, MiniFans! We’re back in Zandvoort’s banked corners for a qualifying session that might not allow Verstappen to continue his streak, as Ferrari has shown its strength throughout the weekend, and Russell isn’t backing down either, while the current world champion had some problems on Friday. Ready for the show? The completely orange clad grandstands welcomed the start of a

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F1 – Belgian GP – Race

Salut, MiniFans! Belgium has kickstarted the top teams reaching their limit of engine parts, which will mean they will incur in grid penalties, and both Verstappen and Leclerc have chosen Spa as one of the circuits in which to start from the back, which will attract much of the attention. However, their teams’ second drivers, Sainz and Pérez, will seemingly

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