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F1 – Japanese GP – Qualifying

Konnichiwa, MiniFans! It’s back to reality this weekend, as Red Bull has seemingly reclaimed the top spot that they’ve been hogging the whole season during the three free practices. The quest to redeem themselves started on early on the weekend, even almost showing off with the new prototypes for next year’s tyres while everyone else was busy figuring out their

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F1 – Italian GP – Race

Ciao, MiniFans! It’s race day in Monza, where the tifosi have already been witnesses to a Ferrari pole position. The Temple of Speed has seen five different winners in the last five years, something that gives them hope, as it was Verstappen who was victorious last season. Will the tifosi be able to celebrate? Or will they leave with a

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F1 – Dutch GP – Race

Hallo, MiniFans! The morning started out with a bit of rain and clouds covering the circuit, but the sun soon broke through. However, the weather radars still showed small showers around the track, which could come at any time, adding a bit of spice to the strategies concocted by the teams. Almost everyone chose softs to start, in part due

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F1 – Dutch GP – Qualifying

Hallo, MiniFans! We’re back from the summer break with a bit of a shock, as the rain and cold have come down on Zandvoort, contrasting the heatwaves that have recently been suffocating Europe. However, this wasn’t the only surprise. A second one came from Daniel Ricciardo, who broke his hand in an attempt not to crash into Piastri and instead

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