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F1 – Monaco GP – Race

Bonjour, MiniFans! After Saturday’s electrifying qualifying session that went down to the wire, Sunday woke up with the promise of a fight for the win between a pair of two-time world champions who won’t back down against the other. Tyres became an eye-catching detail, as mediums and hards were scattered throughout, with Verstappen leaning towards the softer compound of the

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F1 – Monaco GP – Qualifying

Bonjour, MiniFans! After an unexpected weekend without a grand prix, which was cancelled because of extreme weather circumstances in the Emilia Romagna region, we’re back to racing. Monaco welcomes F1 back to its track, a place that hasn’t historically seen upgrades brought to it, but due to the exceptional circumstances, teams like Mercedes have been forced to push them back

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MiniDrivers – 2023 Miami GP

Championship is getting better for Max Verstappen after the Miami Grand Prix. After a bad qualifying for the Dutch driver, he made a comeback reaching the 1st position and increasing his advantage against his teammate Sergio Pérez, who started on pole in Miami, followed by both Spaniards, Alonso and Sainz, who fought to stay at the podium. Wanna see the

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F1 – Miami GP – Race

Hello, MiniFans! After the shake up of the usual order in yesterday’s qualifying, we need to add the rain that fell overnight on the track, leaving it green and with virtually no grip. With Alonso’s promise to fight for first place, the defence Pérez will need to put up and both Verstappen and Leclerc needing a comeback to even smell

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F1 – Miami GP – Qualifying

Hello, MiniFans! A sea of blue and pink has welcomed F1 back to Miami. With the addition of new asphalt, mistakes were common during the free practices, as was a seemingly quick degradation of soft tyres due to this different surface. However, some things never change and Verstappen had presented his candidacy to the pole position, the rest of the

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F1 – Azerbaijan GP – Race

Salam, MiniFans! After Saturday’s sprint race in the new format, a few questions remained. Will Leclerc manage to gain more from his pole position? What is Verstappen’s real race pace when his sidepod doesn’t have a huge hole in it? Has Aston Martin solved its DRS troubles? Well, let’s see what Baku has in store! A clean start from the

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