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F1 – Dutch GP – Race

Hallo, MiniFans! Zaandvort is hosting its first Dutch GP since 1985 and it has dressed up for the occasion. All grandstands are fully covered in neon orange, determined to cheer on Max Verstappen, who could recover the lead of the championship in his first proper home race. The first part of the homework was done yesterday, with a pole position

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F1 – Dutch GP – Qualifying

Hallo, MiniFans! It’s been a while since we’ve visited the Netherlands but we’re finally back in Max Verstappen’s land. We’re back in Zaandvort, thirty-six years after Niki Lauda became the last winner of the Dutch GP up until now. The bad news of the weekend, especially after the announcement of his retirement, is Raikkonen’s withdrawal from the Grand Prix. This

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F1 – Belgian GP – Race

Bonjour, MiniFans! Action started before the lights went out, with Pérez crashing out in the lap out of the pit lane and not being able to return due to the damage to the front suspension being too extensive to fix before the race start, despite it being a low-speed crash. This, added to the various penalties, shook up the norm

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F1 – Hungarian GP – Race

Szia, MiniFans! It’s time for the second round after the Silverstone incident, but this time with a welcome guest. Rain made an appearance a bit before the race, forcing Red Bull to forego its strategy of soft tyres as, even with the track not fully wet, the risk would not be worth it against Mercedes’ also intermediate tyres. The start

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