FAQ – English

For those who are always asking about the Minis, I bring you this F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) about the series that you are enjoying.

1. Why are you making the Minis?
Because I want to bring everyone the funny side of motorsport.

2. How long does it takes to create a character/chapter?
Normally creating a design takes about 1h, the reason is because I have to look for high quality images of the helmet and search for logos, etc. Also it depends how hard the designs of the helmet is. Creating a car/bike it takes exactly the same.
Creating a comic takes about 45 minutes. In qualifying there is no problem because there is an image for every round, about the race, it takes about 30 minutes more or less because it’s just an image as a major highlight of the race.
Creating a chapter is harder. The objective is to have all the animation done at Monday night, so on Sunday when the report is released, I start writing the screenplay and at night I try to have 4-5 scenes done. On Monday I work on the rest of the scenes, being 4-5 normally (but could be more) and on Tuesday I check that everything is correct and I elaborate the video and dubbing. At night the chapter is uploaded and is ready to release it on Wednesday. Actually I can have everything’s ready on Tuesday, so if it’s possible, I try to release it that day.

3. Why don’t you release comics of all the races?
From 2018 I’m working on a hospital during the afternoon. I work from Monday to Friday from 3pm to 10pm, and I work every two weekends, that means that some weekends I will be able to watch the races live and others I won’t. That also means that I won’t have time to make the comics, and for that reason, some times the designs can be done just after the qualifying/race and other times it’s done a bit later.

4. When are you going to upload the chapter?
The chapters are 100% released on Wednesday but I try to upload the chapters on Tuesday, except the MinEDrivers chapters, which are released on Monday, because the race was done on Saturday. This changes when we have F1 and MotoGP the same weekend, because we have a double chapter, one on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday or Thursday. The decision of which chapter comes first is decided for what will happen next week.
Example: If next week we have F1, then I will release first MiniDrivers and after that MiniBikers. If next week we have MotoGP, it comes first MiniBikers and on Friday we have MiniDrivers.

5. Will you make again the What if?
The what if videos was something that I made as an “extra” when I had free time for those weeks when we don’t have races, but unfortunately I don’t have time to make more “what if…” chapters.

6. Are you going to make a video of a dead driver?
In one word: no. I’m not religious, but I respect all the drivers, and when they are dead, I think is not convenient to make jokes about it. Maybe this cartoons are full of jokes, but there is a line that marks the difference and this is the respect. I can make a tribute if the driver appeared on the series, or maybe I can create a gag of an old race that he made, but I will never make jokes about his death or make a video of what if he’s still racing.

7. You made a mistake! Make a MiniStory!
Making mistakes is something natural. If the mistake is extremely serious, I will reupload the chapter with the mistake fixed, but I usually can use that mistake to make a gag on the next chapter. The only thing that I ask you is not to insult like in other situations, because everyone can make a mistake.

8. Have you done X driver?
All the designs are released at our section Vintage Minis. There are some designs that are not released there, which are works for some drivers and teams. Those designs can be seen at our official Facebook pages: MiniDrivers , MiniBikers and MinEDrivers. If you can’t find the driver on those pages, I probably haven’t draw it.

9. But I want a driver that you didn’t draw!
If you don’t find the driver that you’re looking for and you want it, you must know that we don’t make custom works, because I don’t have enough time between the series, the job and the personal life. We only make other designs in special situations, or because the driver/team asked for that.

10. Will you make WTCC, NASCAR, Indy, WEC…?
I can’t make more championiships. The work of design and animation are made only by me, and as you have seen, it takes so much time to make every chapter and every design. Making 3 championships is stealing me a lot of personal time, and you have also to think that this is not my real work. I’m a nurse on a hospital during the afternoon from Monday to Friday and I work in alternate weekends, so you can imagine how much free time do I have.

11. With which software are you making the Minis?
The Minis are designed with Adobe Animate CC. The transformation from Flash to video is made by Swivel. The video is edited with Final Cut Pro, and the dubbing is made with the same software.

12. Which driver is your favorite?
You must know that there is a big difference between the personal support and the professional one for one driver or team. Personally I would support a national driver, or someone who I have a good relationship, but if this driver made a bad race, you must know that I will make jokes with him at the comic and the chapter.

13. You’re a hater/fanboy of X driver!
As I said on question 8, there is a big difference between personal and professional support. In any moment I would be hater or fanboy of any driver. If this driver made a good race, logically I won’t make jokes about him, but if he made a mistake or something I can make jokes about, you can bet that I will do it.
If you’re still thinking that I’m a hater or fanboy, I recommend  you to check a race where that drive had a good/bad race, and you’ll see how the situation changed, or even you can check his rival on a bad race and you’ll see that I made jokes about it with the Minis.

14. When are you going to update the videogame?
First of all, the game was done by Ivanovich Games, not by me. This question belongs to them, but I will answer you. Time ago Unity (the software that Ivanovich Games used to make both videogames) made an update, and in case they tried to update the game, there will be so many bugs, so many that the game won’t work again, so they decided to leave the game as we have it right now. They have the right to do with the game what they want, and of course, they will focus in new games.

15. Why don’t you make the videogame by your own?
In a few words: because I don’t have the knowledge to make it. I know there are some softwares to do it, but I don’t have neither the time or the knowledge to use them and make it possible, but if any company want to work with me and create a new game, I will help them as much as possible.

I will update this section with new questions.