About me…

The MiniDrivers, MiniBikers and MinEDrivers (also known as “Minis”) are three animation cartoons that will show us an alternative and funny view of the motorsport races.

Created on September 27th of 2008 with the flash technology, the MiniDrivers will bring you the highlights of the official Formula 1 season in chapters of 3-4 minutes long. Actually, the three series have a length of 2-3 minutes for being available for TV broadcasting. From 2009 to nowadays, the MiniDrivers brought you all the highlights of the whole Formula 1 season with an animated cartoons, full of humor and gags, but always with respect to the drivers, teams, and motorsport fans.

In 2010 was born the second animated series, the MiniBikers, and like MiniDrivers, they show you the highlights of the races in an animated way, but in this time with the MotoGP championship, maybe it doesn’t have so many fans like MiniDrivers, but the MiniBikers could enter into the hears of the fans and the computers around the world and making them to enjoy the battles around the championship with the fastest bikers and the legends of the 2 wheels.

In 2014, and as a bet for the future, the MinEDrivers came to life. This animated series is based in the most new racing championship, the FIA Formula E. For being a complete new racing championship with new rules, it was created a season 0 to make the people learn the rules of the Formula E races and show you the teams and the drivers.

With lovely characters, a unique animation and the funniest gags, the Minis showed how to enjoy the races in a different way, and they promise you, that the action is not finished when the checkered flag is shown, because there are much more when the race is over.