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Draw your Mini

Do you have talent? Show us what can you do with our templates to draw your own Mini character!

You have 4 different templates to use: one of the character, another with the MiniDriver car, another with the MiniBiker bike and the last one with the MinEDriver car. Print the designs, take your pencil and show us what can you do!







7 comentarios sobre “Draw your Mini

  1. ahora ya puedo dar algun toque comico a algunas imagenes de mi sitio en dA, aunque claro es para usted el credito, yo so hago mis escenas y dialogos.

    P.D.:Soy fan de la serie epicamente genial

    Me gusta

  2. Can I use these graphics on my commercial website to add to products? I will be colouring the images of the MiniDrivers for perhaps NASCAR products.

    Me gusta

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