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Would you like to play with your favorites characters with their miniature? We don’t have toys, but you can play with our Paper Minis, the latest hit in Internet is now more Mini than ever!

All the characters and a few extras are now available in their normal view and also their car/bike. All with maximum detail and also you can download the backgrounds and play with them.

Which is the price? It’s completely free!! You only have to click the name of the series that you want and download it to your computer and you will be able to print them and play with them.

  • Anonymous

    eehehe sii paper mini xD

  • Anonymous

    El los de 2011 y 2012 no hay ningun minibikers, no? Un saludo 🙂

  • @Anónimo
    Ya está arreglado el enlace ;))) Perdón por las molestias.

  • Anonymous

    No pasa nada, eres un crack y te lo curras mucho, yo ya tengo echos los mios, Gracias 🙂

  • Matias

    te quisiera preguntar si a los papermini los haces con papel común de impresora o con un papel mas duro?

  • Anonymous

    apuren con el minibikers paperminis

  • Anonymous

    no se atrasen en el paper minis minibikers

  • Anonymous

    belos paperminis imprimi os de 2013 bommm…

  • Anonymous

    os campeões é legal!

  • Anonymous

    hola soy un fan de la serie y los papermini pero la siguiente temporada los podriais hacer tridimensionales para montarlos gracias adios

  • Dave d’Video Maker (Dave Olaru

    Can you update the Paper Minis?

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