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F1 – Saudi Arabian GP – Race

Ahlan, MiniFans! Qualifying didn’t exactly go as planned for Verstappen, but the three Formula 2 races we have seen this weekend have shown that chaos is likely to happen, as we witnessed three safety cars and two red flags. The Red Bull driver, whose gearbox ended up not being damaged after yesterday’s crash, needs to pull off his best driving

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F1 – Qatar GP – Race

Marhaba, MiniFans! Many things have happened since we turned off the TV yesterday, the main one being that both Verstappen and Bottas have been given grid penalties for ignoring the yellow flags at the end of Q3 yesterday. Other drivers were investigated but were deemed not at fault due to either having lifted their foot from the throttle or not

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F1 – Brazil GP – Race

Olá, MiniFans! Brazil is back and with more at stake than in the last handful of seasons. The championship battle is hotter than ever, to which we need to add Hamilton’s penalty, which means he will be right in the midst of the midfielders and at risk of one of the track’s infamous lap one spins. Furthermore, the tension can

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F1 – Brazil GP – Qualifying

Olá, Minifans! Usually, the Friday qualifying for the sprint race doesn’t bring much to the table, but this time it has revolutionised the whole paddock. After a very surprising gap between Hamilton and Verstappen, the questions started pouring in, especially after the Dutch driver showed an especial interest in his rival’s rear wing. An investigation was started, ending in Hamilton

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F1 – Mexican GP – Race

Hola, MiniFans! The atmosphere at the track already told us the day was to become a celebration of racing. Colours were plentiful in the stands and spirits were festive with the locals celebrating their driver, always helped by the fact that the fight for the championship is tighter than ever. The kickoff gave us everything we wanted and more. Verstappen’s

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