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F1 – Emilia Romagna GP – Race

Ciao, MiniFans! A third race in one country in the same season is something that has only happened once before in the history of this sport, albeit under very different conditions. Despite being a fan favourite, mostly for sentimental reasons, Imola isn’t the greatest track for overtaking and fighting on track, unless there’s a very noticeable difference in lap times.

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F1 – Eifel GP – Race

Hallo, MiniFans! We’re in Germany, home of Nico Hulkenberg and one of the classic F1 circuits: Nürburgring. With the threat of rain and Verstappen on the horizon, Mercedes wasn’t as comfortable as it usually is, especially with Bottas on pole instead of Hamilton. The lack of free practices added to not having stepped foot on this track since 2013 meant

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F1 – Russian GP – Race

Previt, MiniFans! Yesterday, we almost witnessed the demise of Mercedes in qualifying, albeit due to factors mostly outside of their control. Vettel’s crash, which prompted a red flag, added to the lack of a lap by Hamilton, as his was erased because he went off track, made it so that they needed a sprint in the last two minutes left

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F1 – Tuscan GP – Race

Ciao, MiniFans! Today, we are celebrating Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix in literally their home soil. Mugello, property of Ferrari, welcomes the Formula 1 cars for the first time to celebrate a race, but it’s far from the first time that red cars have taken to the tarmac. Despite being a very common circuit for those following MotoGP, as they come

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