F1 – Belgian GP – Qualifying

It’s time for Formula One again! We are back in Belgium for the second half of the season, where we could notice that the drivers brought some sunshine from vacation with them to Spa after the yearly summerbreak, though it still was pretty cold with an air temperature of 15°C.


In the first part of qualifying, we could see the enthusiastic Dutch fans in their special grandstand going crazy when Verstappen passed by. Vandoorne’s weekend at his home track wasn’t all that good with some problems on Friday and a heavy crash in FP3. Also in Q1, he couldn’t make his McLaren work on the difficult, but beautiful circuit and also his teammate Alonso was suffering from the same problem. Unfortunatly, that meant that we had to leave both of the McLaren drivers behind when we went to the second session. Carlos Sainz will start from the sixteenth position, followed by Alonso, Sirotkin, Stroll and the disappointed Vandoorne.

Everyone came out of the pitlane with Superstoft tyres during the second part of qualifying in Belgium. Raikkonen beat the track record in Spa during this session, while Leclerc mentioned over the radio that it was getting quite dark in sector two and also on tv and the forecast we could see that it was about to drip on the track.  Hartley lost grip at the end of the session in front of La Source and spun on track after his last lap of Q2 and the qualifying over all since he couldn’t improve his time. Gasly was eliminated along with Hartley, Leclerc, Ericsson and Hulkenberg.

The rain started to pour down as soon as the last session started. Bottas slipped in Blanchimont, while Perez nearly hit the wall in Raidillion. All of the drivers lost a lot of time due to the rain, since they all needed to change their normal tyres to Intermediate tyres. During the last moments of Qualifying, we saw Hamilton going off of the track during his flying lap. Hamilton took his last chance and finished his day with a phenomenal lap on the rainy track and could take the pole with that!

Lewis Hamilton will start from pole position in Belgium, followed by Sebastian Vettel and Esteban Ocon. The top ten was completed by Perez, Grosjean, Raikkonen, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Magnussen and Bottas.