Formula E – Berlin ePrix – Qualifying

Yesterday’s race was perfect for the Mahindra Team with both drivers at the podium. Today they wanted to repeat what they made, and the double race at Berlin was the perfect place to do it. We enjoyed the qualifying session a few minutes ago.


Qualifying group 1 had the winner of yesterday’s race Felix Rosenqvist, Piquet, Engel, Sarrazin and Heidfeld. The mission of Mahindra today was clear, and they even wrote it at his wall, they had to repeat the good result of yesterday, and they made it again at Q1 with Rosenqvist on first position with Engel 2nd, Sarrazin 3rd, Piquet 4th and Heidfeld 5th.

Second round with the eDams drivers Prost and Buemi, who was disqualified yesterday, Abt, Dillmann and Carroll. Abt finished closed to Rosenqvist but Buemi was coming really fast at the track, finishing on first position. Prost also made a good lap, finishing 4th. Buemi, Rosenqvist, Abt, Prost and Engel were now the top 5 drivers.

Third qualifying group with Turvey, Evans, Lopez, Da Costa and Di Grassi. Lucas had a great chance again to recover points to Buemi, after the 0 of yesterday, and the pole was a great way to do it, but the surprise was Lopez with the first position, while Di Grassi was 4th. Turvey improved and was not 4th, making Lucas to be 5h right now. Chequered flag and the top 5 changed now with Lopez, Buemi, Rosenqvist, Turvey and Di Grassi.

Round 4 of qualifying with D’AMbrosio, Duval, Frijns, Vergne and Bird. Sam Bird flew at the track an was on provisional pole, taking out Di Grassi out of the fight for super pole, with the chequered flag, again the top 5 changed with the DS Virgin drivers at the first two positions with Bird and Lopez, and closing the fight for the super pole we have Vergne, Buemi and Rosenqvist.

Time now for the super pole and Rosenqvist wil be the first driver to hit the track. He made a normal lap with a time of 1:08.208, not as fast as he would like to. The next one was Buemi, who wants the 2 points for the super pole, stopping the time at 1:08.306 being slower than Felix. Now it was Vergne’s turn and we will see if there was a problem at the track or if it was a slow lap from both drivers. Vergne stopped the time at 1:09.103 after making a couple of mistakes on his lap. The DS Virgin drivers, with Jose Maria Lopez first, will try to beat Rosenqvist’s time, the driver from Argentina completed the lap with a time of 1:08.454, with a provisional 3rd position, but we still have to see what Sam Bird was going to make, finishing the lap with a time of 1:08.688.

Pole position for Felix Rosenqvist with Sebastien Buemi 2nd and Jose Maria Lopez 3rd. The top 10 was completed with Bird, Vergne, Turvey, Di Grassi, Abt, Evans and Prost.

In a few hours we’ll enjoy the second race at Berlin where Buemi will try to recover the points that he lost yesterday and where Rosenqvist and Mahindra will try to repeat the result of yesterday. Follow us to know what will happen.