F1 – 2017 Barcelona PreSeason – Day 1

The 2017 season has started, or at least the preseason. The first day of winter test just finished and we have the first results of the new era of Formula 1… And it’s like last season, with Mercedes on top, but as everybody knows, the times are not important, reliability is what we must see, and for now Mercedes and Ferrari are on top.


Everybody is looking for the new rules, and all the teams are testing new aero packages at Barcelona. Most of the teams were testing the revolutionary T-Wing that we saw on Mercedes and Ferrari.The first red flag of the session was caused by Daniel Ricciardo with his Red Bull, the aussie had problems with their sensors and that’s why he had to stop his car. Another car with problems was McLaren (nothing new) with an oil pressure problem and that’s the reason why Fernando Alonso didn’t made a lap during the morning session. The rest of the first part of the morning test was going without problems for Mercedes and Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel finished on top at the morning session ahead of Valtteri Bottas, but things will change during the afternoon.

Lewis Hamilton was the driver who was driving for Mercedes during the afternoon session and made a huge work for the team, testing three types of versions of the back of the car: one with the T-Wing, another with a small and open shark fin and another without anything, and two hours after the start of the session, the british driver made the best time of the session. Finally at 4pm, Alonso and McLaren went to the track and started their work, but they lost so much time, same happened with Force India, both teams were the ones who made less laps during the day. Problems for some teams, but huge of data for Mercedes, Ferrari and Williams who completed more than 100 laps today.

Hamilton finished on top on day 1 of winter test with Vettel second and Massa third. Tomorrow it’s time for another round of testing with more updates, more data to analize, and of course, more Minis to show. Stay tuned for updates.