F1 – Barcelona Preseason – Day 2

Second day of winter test in Barcelona with a change on top of qualifying. Still the problems are the main topic for McLaren, who found the major problem but they can’t fix for now, while Williams had to finish early the work today.


The start of the day wasn’t good for the orange team, Vandoorne was pushed by the mechanics of McLaren at the pitlane, but the team said it was something that they were testing. Lance Stroll who made his debut in F1 spun at the back straight of the track and caused some damages at his Williams, something that mean the end of the day for the team. After that, Mercedes and McLaren started the morning stint while Renault and Sauber dind’t made any lap during the morning. Sauber had a problem with the engine and had to change it for the afternoon.

We had a lot of action during the last hour of morning test, and problems appeared again on McLaren who couldn’t make more laps during the morning and had to change their engine for the same as Fernando used yesterday. With 10 minutes for the end of the morning session Ocon caused a red flag when he stopped his car at the end of turn 10.

When the session restarted for the afternoon, Renault and Sauber made their first laps of the day. They had a lot of work with 4h left. As we saw yesterday, the Mercedes boys changed their seat for the second part of the day, being now Bottas the driver who was driving during the afternoon. Kimi Raikkonen with his Ferrari broke the time being, with Lewis Hamilton, the only driver who made his lap with a 1:20.9. On the other side, Mercedes were making a race simulation with Valtteri, same thing made Haas with Magnussen. Except McLaren and Williams, the rest of the teams were on track during the afternoon, but at 5pm, McLaren finally went on track and made a couple of laps. Nothing more happened during the last minutes of test.

Kimi Raikkonen finished the second day of testing on top with Lewis Hamilton second and Verstappen 3rd. Again Ferrari and Mercedes made a huge number of laps, with Haas this time being the only teams who made over 100 laps. Tomorrow McLaren will receive a new engine from Honda to at least, try to make more than 50 laps.