2017 – Williams Martini Racing

The Williams Martini Racing showed a render of the new car for this 2017 F1 season. The FW40
has the same livery as last year but the new aero for this upcoming season that shows a car with a complete new front and rear wing. Also the addition of the s-duct to the nose of the car brings us a new aero pack for the Williams for this season.

The team, that has changes from January to today, has Felipe Massa, who retired last season but came back after the news from Bottas who was joining Mercedes, and Lance Stroll, the youngest driver for this season, will be the line-up for this 2017 season. Felipe will help Lance to reach the maximum with a team that is trying to improve every year.

On Monday we’re going to see the next team for this season, so stay tuned to know how will be the next cars for this F1 season.