MiniDrivers – 2023 British GP

Welcome to the home of Formula 1. The British Grand Prix gave us another victory for Max Verstappen, but an important change at the middle zone with McLaren achieving his first podium of the season with Lando Norris. The battle for the World Championship may be clear for Max, but the fight for the rest of positions is really exciting and as always, MiniDrivers won’t miss the opportunity to give you the best highlights of the race at Silverstone with their unique point of view. Put your helmet on because we go green in Silverstone with your favorite cartoons.!

MiniDrivers – F1
2023 British GP

That’s it for now, but MiniDrivers won’t stop. Maybe this weekend we won’t have races, but we won’t stop bringing you content with your favorite cartoons. Stay tuned because there are surprises getting close to you!