MinEDrivers – 2022 Seoul E-Prix R1

And here we are… Final two races of the ABB Formula E season and the championship is still open. Seoul is the final and newest track of the 2nd generation of Formula E and all the bets were open for Stoffel Vandoorne and Mitch Evans. The driver from Jaguar had to win the race to still have a chance to win, and he achieved a new victory on a race that started with a huge crash where 1/3 of the grid were involved. Wanna see the best highlights of the first race in Seoul? Then put your helmet on because we go green in the final weekend of MinEDrivers!

MinEDrivers – ABB Formula E
2022 Seoul E-Prix R1

That’s it for now, but we have another race waiting for you tomorrow. Stay tuned because we still don’t know who will be the 2022 ABB Formula E World Champion and we can’t wait to show it to you in Mini version!