MiniBikers – 2022 GP of the Americas

Oh the American dream… This is probably what Enea Bastianini thought after the GP of the Americas after achieving his second victory of the season and recovering the first position at the championship standing. The race in Austin not only gave us a great battle for the victory, we also enjoyed an amazing comeback from Marc Marquez, who returned to MotoGP after his diplopia problems and had to recover all the positions after having problems at the start and being last after the first corner and finishing on 6th position at the end of the race. Wanna see the highlights of the race in Austin with the unique point of view of MiniBikers? Then put your helmet on because we go green in America!

MiniBikers – MotoGP
2022 GP of the Americas

And that’s it for now but the Minis won’t stop. Maybe this weekend we won’t have races, but the next week we will have another double header with MotoGP and F1. Stay tuned because the Minis are stronger than ever!