MiniDrivers – 2021 Hungarian GP

Final race before the F1 summer break, and what a way to do it… The Hungarian GP started with a killer combo from Valtteri Bottas who took out some of the championship contenders, causing a red flag… Once the race started again we saw one of the images that passed to the history with Lewis Hamilton being the only driver of the grid at the start while everybody changed their tyres, and the rest of the race… let’s say that the best you can do is watch the highlights that the MiniDrivers will bring you with their unique point of view and watch the first victory for Esteban Ocon in F1 and much more at the last chapter before F1 summer break.

MiniDrivers – F1
2021 Hungarian GP

That’s it for now, but the action will never stop with the Minis because maybe F1 will start their summer break, but that means that MotoGP returns after their break. Are you ready to see what will happen at the second part of the championship? We can’t wait!