F1 – Belgian GP – Race

The Belgian GP is over and the drivers are heading to the next round at the temple of speed in Monza. Spa is always special, and as always this happened again. The 7km track gave us an awesome race and the championship is on fire.


Player received a 5 position grid penalty today and he will start on 14th position on a race where Mercedes was the poleman who kept the first position at the start. We saw an awesome start of the race for Fernando Alonso who overtook until the 6th position and had a great battle against Hulkenberg for that position, but McLaren showed that they still don’t have a good top speed and the Spaniard was overtaken by a few drivers leaving the top 10 positions. Also during the start both Force India collided again, but both could continue without problems, something that Max Verstappen couldn’t do because he had to retire for the 6th time this season.

The race was going without problems and we saw the first pit stops with the top drivers. First Hamilton pitted and Vettel continued a few laps because his teammate Raikkonen was trying to slow down the British driver, but he couldn’t make it, and also the Finnish driver received a 10 second stop and go penalty for now slowing down under yellow flags.

The overtake of the day came between Grosjean, Perez and Kvyat. The Toro Rossi driver was being overtaken by Grosjean, but Perez appeared and with a zig zag move overtook both drivers, but he also cut the chicane, receiving a 5 second time penalty for that movement.

The Spaniard of Honda had to retire once again with problems with his power unit. A couple of laps later Perez overtook Ocon but the second driver wanted to overtake him again, but both drivers collided once again and this time Perez received the worst part, having a puncture on his rear tire and causing the entrance of the safety car and the chaos at the pit lane because the whole grid changed their tires.

When the race was restarted Vettel tried to overtake Hamilton, but couldn’t overtake him, something that we couldn’t say the same with Bottas who was overtaken by Ricciardo and Raikkonen at the same time. The rest of the race continued without problems and we couldn’t see more battles around the track, but we saw how Vettel was chasing Hamilton during the last laps.


Victory was for Lewis Hamilton against Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo who completed the podium. The top 10 was completed with Raikkonen, Bottas, Hulkenberg, Grosjean, Massa, Ocon and Sainz.

Next week it’s time for the temple of speed, the home of Ferrari, Monza awaits a new battle for the championship.