MiniVintage – 2005 United States GP

The 2005 United States GP was known for everyone as one of the big shames of modern motorsport. With only 6 cars on the grid, this race become an historic F1 race thanks to the polemics that had inside.

Only the Bridgestone drivers could race at Indianapolis due some problems with the Michelin tyres, something that the french manufacture couldn’t avoid. The drivers complained to the FIA but they were not heard by them. During the installation lap all the Michelin teams went to boxes and retired to avoid more crashes during the race, something that the americans didn’t loved.

Enjoy the highlights of the 2005 United States GP with the unique vision of MiniDrivers with the new MiniVintage chapter.

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2005 United States GP

That’s it for now, only two more chapters to finish the MiniVintage season, and both chapters will be the 2003 and 2008 Brazilian GP. Are you ready to enjoy it? Before that we’re going to see during these days the new cars for the F1 season.