F1 – Japanese GP – Race

Hello MiniFans!

The Japanese GP is over and Mercedes are again World Champions after a great race from Nico Rosberg. The german driver could lead the race from the start into the end and his 1st title is really close. Want to know what happened at the land of the rising sun? Keep reading!

Awful start from Lewis Hamilton who started on front row lost a lot of positions and reached the first turn in 8th position, while Vettel attacked both Ricciardo and Perez and overtook them without problems reaching the podium. Raikkonen who was in front of Hamilton was chasing Hulkenberg and could overtake him a couple of laps later but Lewis had problems to overtake the german driver.

Verstappen was faster than Nico Rosberg and Red Bull tried an undercut to the german driver, but it didn’t work. Kimi also tried the same to Sergio Pérez but both drivers went to boxes at the same time so no one overtook on those laps.

Ricciardo after his pitstop was behind Palmer who was trying a different strategy with medium tyres and tried to overtake him, but he made a mistake and run away of track, but after that he could overtake him, something that Pérez also tried to do, but we saw an awesome move because Kimi Raikkonen made his overtake to Perez at the same time as the mexican was overtaking Palmer, so the Renault driver lost two positions at the same time.

Hamilton on his part was making a comeback overtaking Ricciardo, Massa and Bottas. Both Williams were also trying a different strategy and that caused that they were really slow on the middle part of the race, but they could reach top 10 without problems at the end of the race. Raikkonen had also some problems to overtake both Williams.

Alonso and Sainz had a special battle on this race, but we could say that his battle was the whole season. The Toro Rosso driver tried to overtake the McLaren driver and finished running wide of the track at turn 1.

On the other side, Vettel had his famous problems with the blue flags and complained with every driver that he saw during the race, but when he was chasing Hamilton after the last pitstop of both drivers, he was hoping that the marshalls had problems with the british driver and the blue flags… but they have it with him again.

Lewis Hamilton had a great pace at the end of the race and was chasing Max Verstappen and he tried the overtake on the last chicane, but he had to cut it, so he lost the chance of finishing 2nd.


Nico Rosberg won the Japanese GP and is closer to his 1st championship, something that Mercedes won for 3rd year today. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton finished on podium. Top 10 was completed by Vettel, Raikkonen, Ricciardo, Pérez, Hulkenberg, Massa and Bottas.

The next round of the championship will be Austin in a couple of weeks. It’s a track that Hamilton knew it very well so this is a good chance to recover some points. What do you think will happen? See you and remember… Be Mini-good!