MiniDrivers – 2022 Italian GP

The fastest track of all times in Formula 1 is back for another season with the Italian GP at Monza. Ferrari was racing at home, and they wanted to bring to the tifosi one more victory on a season that is almost decided, but Max Verstappen achieved a new victory on a race that gave us emotion until the final part, when a safety car appeared because Ricciardo stopped his car, but the race didn’t started again with the hate of the drivers, mechanics and fans. Wanna see the race with an unique and different point of view? Then put your helmet on because we go green in Monza with the MiniDrivers and we will show you how the FIA is taking decisions with the penalties!

MiniDrivers – F1
2022 Italian GP

That’s it for now, but the Minis won’t stop and this weekend we have the Aragon Grand Prix with MotoGP. Stay tuned because probably we will have a surprise