MiniDrivers – 2021 Mexico GP

We’re heading into the final rounds of the Formula 1 championship and the battle for the title is more exciting than ever after the Mexico GP at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. Mercedes took the first line at the qualifying, but Max Verstappen managed to get the first position at the first lap, a position that couldn’t reach Lewis Hamilton who had to defend the position against Sergio Pérez, who gave the best result for a mexican driver in his country, while Valtteri Bottas had a nightmare with Daniel Ricciardo during the whole race. Wanna see the best moments that gave us the Mexico GP? Then prepare your popcorns because the Minis will show you the iconic moments of the race at Mexico with their unique point of view.

MiniDrivers – F1
2021 Mexico GP

That’s it for now, but the Minis won’t stop because tomorrow we’ll release the Algarve GP with MiniBikers, so stay tuned because the MotoGP championship is coming to the end and the MiniBikers won’t miss the final race of the season.