MinEDrivers – 2021 Berlin E-Prix – Races 1 & 2

After a challenging year at the ABB Formula E championship, we arrived to the final two rounds of the championship, the Berlin E-Prix, where we were going to know the name of the first ABB Formula E World Champion. The weekend started with almost all the grid having options to become World Champion, and even at the start of the second race we had so many options… but the first minutes made all the options disappear for some drivers and only Mercedes were able to get the crown. Get ready to enjoy the craziest two races at Berlin with your favorite characters and say goodbye to a wonderful season with the unique point of view of MinEDrivers.

MinEDrivers – ABB Formula E
2021 Berlin E-Prix – R1 & 2

That’s all for the ABB Formula E, the championship will return in January with new teams, new races and who knows if it will be with a new champion. But for now, we still have more action with the F1 and MotoGP championship so, don’t worry, the Minis are still here to bring you the funny side of motorsport with more chapters.