MiniBikers – 2021 Catalan GP

Second spanish round at the MotoGP calendar with the Catalan GP at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya. The race brought us an unexpected winner with Miguel Oliveira and a polemic moment with Fabio Quartararo who finished the race with his racing suit opened, receiving a couple of penalties that made him to lose part of his advantage at the championship. Overtakes, battles and crashes are only a small part of what you’re going to see at this chapter. If you’re ready to have fun, then put your helmet on because the MiniBikers are ready to bring you the best highlights of the race in Barcelona with their unique point of view.

MiniBikers – MotoGP
2021 Catalan GP

That’s it for now, but the Minis won’t stop. Maybe this weekend we won’t have any races, but don’t worry, because the next weekend we will have 4 races at the same time, so there will be a lot of fun for the next week. Stay tuned because we can’t wait to show you all the races!