2020 – Repsol Honda Team

With the Sepang test starting with some riders, it’s time to show another of the MotoGP launches that was done today in Jakarta. The actual World Champions revealed not only the new colors of their bike, also the new line-up for this season.


Marc Marquez will stay with the team for another season, and after the retirement of Jorge Lorenzo it was time for his brother to arrive to MotoGP. Alex Marquez is one of the rookies that we will see this season, and will fight with his brother to become World Champions.

The helmets of both riders will be only for the preseason test, but we expect to see a red helmet for Marc and a blue one for Alex. What do you expect to see with the Marquez brothers this season? Will Alex bring better results than Jorge? Will face his brother? We can’t wait to see for the new season!