MiniVintage – MotoGP – 2009 Malaysian GP

One of the days that every Valentino Rossi fan will remember is the day when the Italian rider achieved his 9th World Championship. Valentino Rossi fought at the Malaysian GP and claim the MotoGP World Championship on a race that was won by Casey Stoner and where Jorge Lorenzo achieved a solid comeback after starting last due a problem when he was trying to get to the grid. Enjoy the best highlights of the Malaysian GP with your favorite cartoons and have fun with MiniBikers.

MiniVintage – MotoGP
2009 Malaysian GP

And that’s it for now, but MiniVintage will continue with more races in 10 days. Stay tuned because we will go to the 2000 Japanese GP, the race where Michael Schumacher become World Champion with Ferrari. Stay tuned!