MiniDrivers – 2019 Brazil GP

It’s samba time with MiniDrivers. The Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos gave us one of the most chaotic races of all times, with the youngest podium in F1 history. Max Verstappen won a race where he had to defend his first position against Lewis Hamilton, who had battles with all the bulls of the track and received a penalty… but the most strangest thing was that Toro Rosso achieved the second position with Pierre Gasly, being the first podium for the French driver, and also Carlos Sainz who could celebrate, after a couple of hours, his first ever podium in F1 with McLaren after starting 20th on the grid. Happiness, battles, crashes between teammates and much more awaits in the new MiniDrivers chapter. Don’t miss it!

MiniDrivers – F1
2019 Brazil GP

That’s it for now, but stay tuned, because the ABB Formula E championship will start this weekend with a double race. Who will win the first race of the season? Make your bet!