MiniDrivers – 2019 Russian GP

After being the fastest team after the summer break, all the dreams have to come to their end… Ferrari had a weekend to forget during the Russian Grand Prix. A race that was perfect from the start for the red team with both drivers in the first positions, become a nightmare when the radio appeared for Charles Leclerc, who complained during the race about an agreement that the team made between both drivers and one of them didn’t do it… and that driver had to retire after his pitstop, causing the major change of the race, and leaving his teammate out of the fight for the victory with a Virtual safety car that Mercedes used to overtake Leclerc. Mercedes made a new 1-2 in Russia and Hamilton is ready to claim his title in a few races. Enjoy the best highlights of the race in Sochi with your favorite characters and discover what some drivers have to say about the problems of Leclerc with the point of view of MiniDrivers.

MiniDrivers – F1
2019 Russian GP

That’s it for now, but the action won’t stop. This weekend Thailand will held a new race of the MotoGP championship, and probably Marquez will claim his 8th championship so, stay tuned, because this is not over yet!