10 years of fun

Time flies and when you open your eyes it passed 10 years since when you started a project just to have fun. On September 27th of 2008 I created the MiniDrivers as a way to explain the news of Formula 1, and nowadays, it become another way to enjoy the highlights of Formula 1, MotoGP and ABB Formula E.

Who would told me, 10 years ago, all the achievements that I  took thanks to the Minis:

Of course, none of this would be possible thanks to the people who are supporting the cartoons, for all the people who cheered and gave me great comments at the Youtube channel, and even those who complained, because they helped me to improve myself and reach the level that I’m giving to you nowadays, even when the time is struggling me.

10 years ago I started the project with a special video which was called MiniDrivers Begins. That video took me a week to prepare, and I must confess that I don’t like to show it to the people because it showed a bad level of design of animation, that’s why today I want to give you something special. I made a remake of that video to celebrate the anniversary of the series.


As you can see, there’s a huge improve but the bright on my eyes when I bring back this to live is the same as the first day.

I don’t know how many years I’ll continue making the MiniDrivers, because when I started I said to myself that I wanted to finish this after 10 seasons… But nowadays I changed my mind, and I want to keep doing this, maybe not for another 10 years, but while I’m able to bring this to the fans, I’ll keep doing it.

Thanks for being part of the MiniDrivers family and thanks to all the fans around the world that are supporting and following the series.

10 years of fun, and much more to come!