F1 – Italian GP – Race

Hello MiniFans and welcome to the highlights of the Italian Grand Prix! We are back at the Temple of Speed; Monza, where the battle for the championship between Hamilton and Vettel resumed!


As the race got away, we saw Vettel closing up to Raikkonen and Verstappen overtaking Bottas. Hartly had a crash with Ericsson at the start and his race stopped after only 100 meters. Meanwhile, the Tifosi went crazy when Hamilton collided with Vettel. He bumped with his rear left tyre into the sidepod of the Ferrari. The safety car deployed, while the German took a pitstop to fix his car.

We had the restart during the third lap with Raikkonen first, but he was easily overtaken by Hamilton on the start finish straight thanks to DRS, though the Finn amazed everyone by taking his lead back within the next two turns. Verstappen stayed third, followed by Bottas. Magnussen didn’t leave enough space while overtaking Perez and heedlessly touched the Mexican driver. The Haas driver had to pit and fell back to the very last place. ‘Karma’ would Alonso say ;)!

Ricciardo moved up to the fourteenth place after only eight laps, followed by Vettel, who sneaked behind the Red Bull and overtook him carefully when the times was right. During the tenth lap on the legendary circuit, we saw Alonso dropping down the charts. He let us know over the radio that he lost power and retired the car. Vettel drove back in the points in lap fifteen, while Bottas closed up to Verstappen.

We had another hot moment in the race when Bottas tried to overtake Verstappen. Both drivers locked up their tyres and the Dutchman could prevent a crash by taking the shortcut at the first chicane. He got away with it this time, but Whiting wasn’t amused with his move and gave the leader of the orange army a warning. Raikkonen took an undercut by pitting in the twentieth lap, while Hamilton changed his mind at the very last moment. The job of the Brit was to stay out and go as far as possible from Verstappen, who was still being chased by Bottas. Another shock was when Ricciardo’s engine called it a day after 25 laps.

After ten more laps and a few more pitstops, we had the same order as with the restart. It seemed for a long time that Raikkonen would win his first race after almost five years, however we saw him struggling with blisters on his tyres and there were still fifteen laps left to be driven! Our dear Finn wasn’t the only one with this problem, because also Hamilton was seen with some blisters and flatspots on his tyres. The last ten laps were full of battles at the front.

Bottas lost a lot of time by hitting Verstappen, since the Dutchie didn’t leave enough space for the Finn. The Red Bull and Mercedes didn’t stop battling whatsover, until they asked Bottas over the radio to stay behind the angry Dutchman to avoid any risks. He recieved therefore a five second penalty for his mistake. Meanwhile, Hamilton overtook Raikkonen and took his lead back with only six laps to go. Force India is totally back at it again after their take-over with a P6 and 7 finish at Monza!

Lewis Hamilton won the Italian Grand Prix and took the points to enlarge the lead in the championship! Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas completed the podium and Vettel in the top five. Verstappen ended up on the fifth place after his penalty. The top ten was completed by Grosjean, Ocon, Perez, Sainz and Stroll.

We are back in two weeks for the GP of Singapore! See you guys soon and stay MiniCool!