F1 – 2018 McLaren

After leaking a picture yesterday, McLaren presented the new MCL33 today at Navarra on a fliming day. The orange team, now sponsored by Renault will try to improve this season and show that their bad reliability during the last years was only because of Honda.


With an orange papaya color, McLaren added blue to the car and a black halo that probably will change during the preseason test. They also changed a bit the design of the numbers and they added a few new sponsors like Dell, Petrobras and Kimoa.

Fernando changed completely his helmet design for this season while Stoffel Vandoorne continues with his normal livery but with some differences at the top of the helmet. Both drivers of course, sponsored by Kimoa.

Only one more team to show up before the preseason test, the Force India team that will change their logo and name when they launch their new car. We can’t wait to see how is this new season going, and we’re only a few days apart to see the new cars on track.