F1 – Italian GP – Race

The European rounds of the Formula 1 calendar are now over and the drivers  are preparing the last part of the championship. The drivers standings changed after this race and Lewis Hamilton is now the championship leader after the Italian GP.


The British driver from Mercedes had a strange line up at this race, after watching how 9 drivers of the grid received penalties for gearbox or engine changes. Stroll and Ocon were just behind the Mercedes driver, who could keep the first position after the start, something that Stroll couldn’t do because Ocon overtook him on a clean start of the race. Bottas who had to help his teammate, overtook the new visitors of the first positions and could stay behind his teammate during the whole race.

Verstappen had problems again this weekend, this time because he had contact with Felipe Massa and the Red Bull driver had a puncture on his front right tire, making him to pit early and make a comeback from the last position.

In front, Vettel overtook his teammate and did the same with Stroll and Ocon, but after that, it was impossible for him to chase the Mercedes boys, so he stayed on that 3rd position, which was good for the championship for future races.

At the back, Alonso and Palmer had a battle and the spaniard complained that the Renault driver left the track and took an advantage, so he received a 5 second time penalty, but this wasn’t enought for the Spaniard who wanted to get the position back. Palmer retired a few laps later and Alonso said that “karma” helped him.

Back again to the front, Raikkonen tried an undercut against Ocon and Stroll. The Force India driver made his pitstop on the next lap and could avoid the undercut, but Stroll made it 2 laps later and lost the position against the Finnish driver of Ferrari.

During the second part of the race Ricciardo changed the tires from soft to supersoft and started to chase the rivals. He overtook without problems with that strategy Ocon, Stroll and Massa, and Raikkonen who was ahead of him was not a problem for him, overtaking the Ferrari driver on a risky movement at the first chicane, and started to show a pace which was 1 second faster than the one of the other Ferrari, but it wasn’t enought for him to catch the podium.

Also Max Verstappen showed an awesome pace during the second part of the race, overtaking the drivers and reaching the 10th position, taking 1 point for the championship. Still better than nothing.

Lewis Hamilton won the Italian GP and he’s now the championship leader. Valtteri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel were at the podium with him. The top 10 was completed with Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Ocon, Stroll, Massa, Perez and Verstappen.

The next round of the championship will be in 2 weeks at Singapore. The asian rounds will start now and the final part of the championship will give us exciting races that the Minis will be proud to show you.