F1 – Brazil GP – Race

Hello MiniFans!

The F1 race at Brazil finished and the drivers are now heading for the final round at Abu Dhabi. The championship is still on and Lewis Hamilton will fight until the end to get the championship. Wanna know what happened at the rainy Brazilian GP? Keep reading!

The start was delayed due the rain conditions… and if we want more of this circus of F1, we had a start with the safety-car. But even before the start, we had the first crash… Grosjean crashed during the sighting lap. After 7 laps, the safety-car went to boxes and the race started… not for too long, because again we had another safety-car after Ericsson’s crash at the pit lane entry, but before that, Vettel spun and lost so many positions. With the safety-car on track, the pit lane was closed, but both Red Bull entered to boxes, but Ricciardo was the one who was penalized with 5 seconds.

Again with the race was restarted the safety-car had to go out again because this time Kimi Raikkonen had a crash at the main straight… but this time we had a red flag, making us to remember the old Canadian GP. Before the red flag we saw a crash between Palmer and Kvyat that caused the retirement of the Renault driver.

Now after 1h of delays and safety-cars, the race started and we had Vettel making a comeback from the last positions, but if we want more show, Verstappen spun and had to make also a comeback with the german driver. Both drivers had contact when Verstappen, who was going really fast on the track, overtook him, making the 4 time world champion to go out of the limits of the track to avoid a collision with him, something that also happened before between Vettel and Alonso.

The most emotive moment came when Felipe Massa crashed at the same point as Ericsson, but the brazilian driver, who was making his last race in Brazil, wanted to say goodbye to the fans, so he took a brazilian flag and walked to the pitlane, where the mechanics from Mercedes and Ferrari were waiting for him, making a tribute for the number 19 of the grid, and if we want to get this more emotive, his wife, son and brother, went there to hug the driver who was crying the whole time.

Now thinking about the track, Verstappen went to boxes to change the intermediate tyres into the full wet ones, and made a comeback on the last laps until reach the third step of the podium.


Lewis Hamilton won the Brazilian GP with Nico Rosberg 2nd and Max Verstappen 3rd. The top 10 was completed with Pérez, Vettel, Sainz, Hulkenberg, Ricciardo, Nasr and Alonso.

The final round of the championship will be at Abu Dhabi and Rosberg will try to get his first title there. What do you think will happen? We’ll know it in two weeks but until then… Be mini-good!