MiniDrivers – 2023 Australian GP

Chaos and madness, this is the best way to explain what happened at the 2023 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix this weekend. Max Verstappen achieved a new victory, but Mercedes is back, both cars overtook the Red Bull driver at the start, but the safety car, red flags and crashes made the strategy to change everything and leave the actual World Champion with another victory, increasing his advantage at the championship. Are you ready to see the best highlights of the race in Melbourne? Then put your helmet on because we go green in Australia with the unique point of view of the MiniDrivers.

MiniDrivers – F1
2023 Australian GP

That’s it for now, but this is not over because tomorrow we will have the highlights of the MotoGP Argentina GP with MiniBikers. Stay tuned because the fun with the Minis is not over!