MiniDrivers – 2022 Japanese GP

Suzuka returned to the Formula 1 calendar and what a way to return! The race in Japan started with wet conditions, but this time we could make a start, but Carlos Sainz crashed at the start, and a couple of DNFs make the race to be red flagged, apart of a crane in the middle of the track, something that everyone complained about it. Hours later the race started again, but with a sprint race because we only had 30 minutes of race, enough to have some battles in the middle, because Max Verstappen used all the power of his Red Bull car and achieved another victory, claiming the title of World Champion after Leclerc’s penalty. Wanna see the best highlights of the race with the unique point of view of MiniDrivers? Then put your helmet on because we go green in Suzuka with your favorite cartoons!

MiniDrivers – F1
2022 Japanese GP

That’s it for now, but the Minis won’t stop because this weekend we have another great race with the MotoGP Australian GP. Will Fabio keep the first position at the standings? Let’s find out this weekend with the MiniBikers!