MiniDrivers – 2021 Abu Dhabi GP

Every season has an end and the F1 championship came to an exciting ending with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the big finale to the season that everyone will remember. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton arrived to the final race with the same points, and the driver who finishes ahead will win the championship, Lewis dominated the whole race, but a crash from Latifi at the final part of the race caused a safety car and we had a sprint race of just one lap that decided the title. Wanna see the best highlights of the race with the unique point of view of MiniDrivers? Then put your helmet on because the final race of the season is here!

MiniDrivers – F1
2021 Abu Dhabi GP

The season may be over, but the MiniDrivers season didn’t finish and there is a season finale that will be released on Christmas so… Stay tuned because there is still one question to be answered… Who is under the helmet of Dark Mini?