MiniBikers – 2021 French GP

The French Grand Prix gave us one of the craziest races of the season so far with Jack Miller taking his second victory in a row in Le Mans and getting close to the first position of the championship standings. Johann Zarco and Fabio Quartararo were with Jack at the podium. The French riders fought for the victory against the rain conditions and we enjoyed a flag-to-flag race with a lot of overtakes, mistakes, crashes, battles and comebacks… and of course the MiniBikers can’t wait to show you everything with their unique point of view so get ready because even Thriller will sing at this chapter.

MiniBikers – MotoGP
2021 French GP

That’s it for now, but the action of the Minis won’t stop and this weekend Formula 1 is heading into Monaco for the most classic races of the whole calendar. Who will win at the streets of Monaco? Let’s find out with the MiniDrivers this weekend.