MiniBikers – 2021 Qatar GP

MotoGP is back with a new season full of surprises. The season started in Qatar, as we’re used to, and Ducati was starting the season really strong, as we have seen during the last years thanks to their top speed in Losail, but what we haven’t expected was the race that we have seen this weekend. Ducati started the race with 4 bikes in the first positions, but Yamaha this season wanted to recover all the lost pace of last year, and Viñales fought against them reaching the first position and winning the first race of the season, and the same happened with Joan Mir, who started slow but was waking up at the second part of the race overtaking the riders until reaching the second position, but Ducati had a surprise for him, overtaking with 2 bikes the actual world champion. Wanna see the highlights of the Qatar GP? Get ready because our MiniBikers can’t wait to show you all the best moments with their unique point of view!

MiniBikers – MotoGP
2021 Qatar GP

That’s it for now, but the Minis won’t stop, this weekend there will be another round in Qatar with the Doha GP. Stay tuned because Ducati want their revenge and nothing will stop them this time!