MiniVintage – F1 – 2009 Brazil Gp

And we arrived to the end of MiniVintage with the first and only remake of one of the races that we saw in MiniDrivers. If we saw this season the first victory of Jenson Button in 2006, now it’s time to see him achieving his first and only F1 World Championship with Brawn GP. We still had another race to go to finish the championship, and Jenson started from the back, but he managed to reach the top positions and achieving the title while Mark Webber won the race in Brazil ahead of Kubica and Hamilton. Get ready to watch the highlights of the race at Interlagos and discover something “strange” with the Minis on this chapter because from the beginning there is something weird… What could be?

MiniVintage – F1
2009 Brazil GP

And this is the end of the MiniStories, it was a fun journey, but I’m sure you will be ready for the next level… In 2022 something new will arrive but I’m sure that some fans will be lucky and will watch it before anyone. Stay tuned because there are more stories to tell you.