MiniVintage – MotoGP – 2005 Spanish GP

Time to fly to the 2005, to the first race of the season and one of the most polemics that we remember in MotoGP with the Spanish GP in Jerez. The season started with the hope for the riders of winning the championships and Sete Gibernau was leading the race in Spain in front of his fans, but Valentino Rossi, the actual World Champion, wanted to defend his crown, and fought with Sete for the victory until the finish flag, and we saw one of the polemics moves between Rossi and Gibernau at the final turn. Get ready to enjoy the highlights of the race in Jerez with the unique point of view of MiniBikers and have fun with our characters!

MiniVintage – MotoGP
2005 Spanish GP

That’s it for now, and we have one more chapter before we say goodbye to MiniVintage. The final chapter will come in 10 days and we will see the first remake of a race in MiniDrivers with the 2009 Brazilian GP. Stay tuned because you will have a big surprise with that chapter.