Mini For Speed 6 – quarantine edition

Ho ho ho! Happy Holidays to everyone! Like every year, the MiniDrivers are bringing their special season finale, and like every two years, Mini for Speed is back to bring the kart action with the drivers that we saw during the 2020 season. Enjoy the ultimate highlights of the whole season on a chapter full of crashes, new drivers and even new tracks that you won’t expect… and of course, stay until the end because you will see who’s under the helmet of the second Dark Mini of the season. Who will win the races of this Mini for Speed? Get ready because you will be surprised!

MiniDrivers – F1
Mini for Speed 6

That’s the way to end the whole season, and maybe we won’t have more action until a few months but… MiniVintage will start with their final season so, stay tuned on January 1st because we will see great classic races in Mini version.