MiniDrivers – 2020 Eifel GP

Years later after their last race, Nurburgring is back at the F1 calendar for the Eifel GP. This race will be special for Lewis Hamilton, because with his victory he equaled Michael Schumcher’s victories in F1, while Kimi Raikkonen broke another record, becoming the F1 driver with more starts in history. Also we had the return of Nico Hulkenberg who replaced Lance Stroll for this race. This Grand Prix brought us so many great moments and special tributes, so get ready to enjoy the best highlights of the race with the unique point of view of MiniDrivers and discover which reward received Lewis for equaling Schumi’s record.

MiniDrivers – F1
2020 Eifel GP

That’s it for now, but the action won’t stop, we have another chapter ready for tomorrow with the crazy MotoGP French GP. Stay tuned because we have more gags, more highlights and more Minis for you