MiniDrivers – 2020 Belgian GP

One of the favorite tracks of the championship for the drivers brought us one of the most repeated results of the season. Lewis Hamilton achieved a new victory at the Belgian Grand Prix on a race that no one was able to catch him. The Spa Francorchamps circuit had the menace of the rain during the whole weekend, but as we saw in Spain, rain never appeared. Get ready to enjoy the best highlights of the Belgian Grand Prix with the unique point of view of the MiniDrivers and get ready to enjoy the roller coaster track with your favorite characters.

MiniDrivers – F1
2020 Belgian GP


That’s it for now, but the action won’t stop and this weekend the Formula 1 will race at the temple of speed, we’re going directly to Monza for the Italian GP. Get ready because we have more races to go and we’re close to see new tracks in F1.