MiniVintage – MotoGP – 2006 Portuguese GP

With only two races to go, the MotoGP title was close between Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi. Estoril was in our memory for being one of the closest battles that we saw in MotoGP between Valentino Rossi and Toni Elias, achieving the first victory in MotoGP for the spanish rider. On the other hand, the championship changed completely during this race when Nicky Hayden crashed after being hit by his teammate and both riders had to retire. If you want to enjoy the best moments of the 2006 Portuguese Grand Prix get ready because MiniBikers will bring you the highlights with their unique point of view.

MiniVintage – MotoGP
2006 Portuguese GP


That’s it for now, and there is only one MiniVintage left for this season. Get ready because in 10 days we’re going to enjoy the 2004 Monaco GP with the MiniDrivers. Stay tuned!