11 years of MiniDrivers

Every year when it’s September 28th, a special day starts for MiniDrivers. On this day, 11 years ago, MiniDrivers started their adventure with a small video called MiniDrivers Begins and two more chapters on a season 0 that brought the start of what you know as the animated season highlights.


During all these 11 years we’ve been living a lot of adventures, we laughed with the chapters, we cried with the tributes to those drivers who passed away or those who retired, and I can say that I’m lucky to collaborate with MotoGP teams to make exclusive images for them like Leopard Racing, Red Bull KTM Tech3, LCR Honda and much more…

Probably every year that passes I have less time to do what I want, but I always try to find the time to bring you always the best highlights of Formula 1, MotoGP and ABB Formula E with the unique point of view of the Minis.

Now it’s time to start the poll to decide the next chapters for the 4th season of MiniVintage, so, feel free to click THIS LINK and select the races that you want to see for this season.

Also I’m trying something new, that I want to bring you for 2021, something called The Factory, but it’s still only an idea, and I have to work hard with some ideas before starting to see if this will be good for the series or not, but I promise that I will try to bring all the best for the fans 🙂

I want to finish by a special message to all those teams/drivers/riders that believed in me and brought me the chance to bring something different to their social media, and it’s THANK YOU. Thanks for letting me collaborate with you, thanks for making me feel part of the team, thanks for letting me show to the people my cartoons. And for those teams/drivers/riders and championships that are watching me, feel free to talk with me and ask about making together, you will be surprised with the answer.

Thanks to everyone for following the Minis during all these years, and let’s hope that the best is still closer.