MiniDrivers – 2019 Singapore GP

The Singapore GP is always special, not only because the night race will bring us amazing images of the car under the lights of Marina Bay, we also enjoy exciting races, and this one was also very special. After the summer break, Ferrari showed an amazing pace, and they are now winning the last races, and it was now time for Sebastian Vettel to take the first official victory of the season in Singapore. The race brought us exciting moments, great strategy, mistakes, crashes… all that we need for a Grand Prix and for a unique MiniDrivers chapter. Get ready to enjoy the best moments of the Singapore GP with your favorite characters!

MiniDrivers – F1
2019 Singapore GP

That’s it for today, but it’s not over yet with the Minis. We’re under production of the MotoGP Aragon GP, so, stay tuned because we have so many surprises left with MiniBikers.