F1 – French GP – Race

Bonjour MiniFans and welcome back in France! On this sunny day, we expect Vettel to gain some places after he finished 7th during qualifying. The Ferrari driver had only one flying lap at the very end of Q3, because he boxed during his first try in which he went off-track in turn 6. Hamilton will start from pole position. Let’s get to racing!


Lights went out and McLaren had a dream start! Sainz was even able to open a battle between him and Verstappen, while Gasly and Vettel kept their place. Perez made a mistake in the first sector and ran really wide. He gained an advantage by doing so and later recieved a 5 second penalty from the stewards. Vettel started his overtaking race in lap 5, when he overtook the quick rookie Norris.

For once, there went some attention to Williams at the very back of the field. Russell tried to overtake Kubica, but the Pole pushed his teammate off-track. This wasn’t the only battle on track! The whole midfield seemed to be close together and everyone was hunting after each other. We could see Ricciardo battling with Gasly and also Magnussen had a very tight fight with Albon and Kvyat.

Eventhough this is a very precise sport, there are still made mistakes sometimes. Renault engineers saw on their data that Ricciardo didn’t drink yet, while being over halfway in the race. They told him over the radio that he still needed to drink, but the Aussie revealed that his drink wasn’t attacked to his helmet. This is a great example to learn that not everything will always goes according to plan!

Norris wasn’t even a bit happy with his car during the race. He had hydrolic problems among others and dropped back to P7. His rages elicited empathy of every fan. McLaren got a lot better during the last two seasons, but there is still a long way to go for the Woking-based team. It was not going well with Grosjean and his Haas either. He dropped back to P18 at the start and staid around that place. In lap 48 of 53, they had to retire his car once again.

It was surprising to see Vettel pitting for one last time with two laps to go, only to try to get the fastest lap and that way, an extra point! It’s clear that Ferrari still does the most effort possible to make the damage as little as they can. In vain?

Lewis Hamilton won the French Grand Prix of 2019 with Valtteri Bottas on P2 and Leclerc on P3. Verstappen finished fourth, followed by Vettel, Sainz, Norris, Ricciardo, Raikkonen and Hulkenberg.