F1 – Spanish GP – Race

Hello MiniFans and welcome back in the sunny Barcelona! Bottas starts from pole position, after he had some porridge for breakfast. Hopefully he has some today too, so he can keep his first place and can extend his lead in the championship! He is still one point ahead of Hamilton, who starts second. Vettel and Verstappen start from the second row. The Dutchman starts between the two Ferrari’s and some expect a bit of chaos there! Let’s see what this race brings us!


Vettel flew away from the grid and so, the top three went three wide into the first bend. The Ferrari driver wanted to overtake both of the Mercedeses, but that seemed a little too good to be true. Due to his risky action, he lost his place to Verstappen and got a flat spot on his tyres! Meanwhile, we saw Hamilton taking the lead, followed by Bottas. Raikkonen had a hot moment went he went into the gravel by making a small mistake in lap one.

During the first 12 laps, we could enjoy a nice battle between the two Ferrari’s, which ended with a teamorder; Leclerc took over the fourth place from Vettel. As soon as Vettel got into the pits during lap 20, we saw Verstappen following him about a lap later. The Dutchman tried an undercut on Leclerc and came out as 5th, three places higher than Vettel. Gasly came in during lap 23, so Verstappen ended up on P4, about 16 seconds from Leclerc, who didn’t go for his new tyres yet.

It took only three laps for Leclerc to come in for Medium tyres. He clearly wanted to give  the one stop strategy a try. Verstappen got back to P3, while both of the Silberpfeilen maintained their position. We got another battle between the prancing horses halfway the race, in which we could enjoy the lovely defending actions of Leclerc and the perfectly timed attacking of Vettel. In the end, they switched positions once again.

Verstappen went for his second and last stop of the race and lost his third position. Now it got exciting to see the battle between him and Leclerc, who was still on his old Mediums. Also both of the Silver Arrows and the Ferrari’s came in the box for a last time. But right out of nowhere, there was drama and a safety car caused by Norris and Stroll, who crashed into each other instead of overtaking. One tyre touched the other and the result speaks for itself; both drivers lost control and ended up in the gravel trap. A pitstop bomb was dropped on Barcelona! Almost every driver went for new tyres and the field was brought back together. Everyone was waiting for an exciting last stint of the race.

Gasly took the opportunity to overtake Leclerc, while both of the Haas drivers went off track in a battle with each other. Right after, we saw Magnussen against Gasly, but everyone kept their position. Simulaneously, we saw Verstappen defending after another attack of Vettel. The Dutchie had it in the pocket and tried to keep the German as far as possible off of him for the last ten laps. In the end, everything stayed about the same after the safety car. We can conclude that the safety car period was more exciting than the whole race.

Lewis Hamilton won the Spanish Grand Prix of 2019 with Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen completing the podium. Vettel finished fourth, followed by Leclerc, Gasly, Magnussen, Sainz, Kvyat and Grosjean. The fastest lap point went to Hamilton and the Driver of the Day was Verstappen with 19% of the votes! Hamilton now leads the championship.

We would love to see you back in two weeks for the legendary Grand Prix of Monaco!