MinEDrivers – 2019 Paris E-Prix

And it finally arrived! After 5 seasons, rain finally arrived to the ABB Formula E championship… And what a way to rain! If Formula E races are crazy, with rain are even more chaotic with incidents everywhere during the Paris E-Prix. After 8 races we continue enjoying a great battle for the championship and we have now 8 different winners with Robin Frijns joining the party and becoming the new championship leader. We don’t know who will win this championship, but what is sure is that we’re enjoying all this madness with our MinEDrivers and their unique point of view. Get ready, put your helmet on, open your umbrella and get ready for the race at Paris!

MinEDrivers – ABB Formula E
2019 Paris E-Prix

That’s it for now, but we’re not over yet, we still have to show you what happened at the Azerbaijan GP with MiniDrivers, so stay tuned, because a lot of things will happen with your favorite cartoons.